Celebrating 3 Years, Celebrating Growth

Celebrating 3 Years, Celebrating Growth

This weekend, we’re celebrating our 3-year anniversary with you, our members, with our Anniversary Shootout. The growth we have experienced is a testament to the commitments you have made in becoming better basketball players. But the most exciting thing is watching our members grow in their fundamentals, skills, knowledge, and successful playing time. Our number one goal when we started was to help young basketball players reach higher levels of play then they could have ever thought of achieving. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly at improving our technology and methods of training.

While the progress made in team clinics, personal trainings, and Train 360 have helped us deliver a better product, our greatest advancement thus far is our new touch pad technology. The guided workout experience you could only receive in the ball handling and Train 360 stations can now be used in the shooting cages. Along with this comes the convenience of self-directed drill repetitions and unlimited shooting evaluations.

We understand that the new technology in the shooting cages may cause some initial confusion. Until last month, your shooting slot made up of exclusively free shooting. While the new technology adds a small setup component, the tradeoff is worth the improvement in training and it measures productivity and progress. Each shooting session should be made up of a our evaluation (used as a warm-up), your guided workout (1-2 drill packs), followed by free shooting. This provides a unique blend of training only found at Shoot 360, giving your workout precision, intensity, and repetition.

This new technology has us working even harder to discover new ways to advance you as a basketball player. The first three years has only been a preview of what is to come. On behalf of the entire Shoot 360 staff, thank you for being a part of our family. Thank you for your commitment to the game.

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