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shoot_copy.jpgBy receiving instantaneous auditory feedback on every shot, our patented shooting technology allows you to make immediate corrections to your shot and rapidly increase your learning curve. In addition, the latest technology allows members to shoot mass repetitions at various spots on the court. We track the number of shots made, attempted, and the shooting percentage for every session and then record it in their personal profile where we track your performance for day, week, month, year, and entire career at Shoot 360.

Ball Handling

Uballhandling.jpgsing 94Fifty Ball Sensor technology our  immediate objective feed
back from testing, provides a road map to your improvement as a ball handler. Our state of the art ball handling stations are equipped with an automated digital coach who will guide players through a series of workouts based on their skill level.  Our goal is to have every player reach a point where the ball is simply an extension of themselves on the court.


IMG_1952Our basketball performance training system is designed to improve Speed, Power, Agility and Energy. Vertimax training stations target developing basketball specific speed and explosive power. Combined with our technology, we’ve created a way for you to GET BETTER FASTER.