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  • All classes are 45 minutes in length.
  • Grade levels are indicated on schedule.
  • Classes will have a maximum enrollment number. (indicated next to the class title)
  • All classes are co-ed.
  • Register for classes at the front desk or by calling the store (424) 292-3157.
  • We do not take reservations via email.
  • If class is full, we will place you on a waiting list.

Attacking Defenders in the Open Court (12)

Making a move to avoid defenders in open space is the purpose of the class. Hesitation dribbles, playing a shoulders game, 1 move and attack, low cross/high cross, through the legs, playing through the second hit, etc.

Basketball Specific Mobility, Strength and Explosion (10)

Movements designed specifically for basketball. E.g., where to push off on a euro step, how to plant and push with equal force when shooting on the move, double jumps, how to pivot on the move to change direction, etc.

Decision Making (12)

Advantage/disadvantage short sided games requiring quick decision making. Primarily done out of 3 on 2 and 2 on 1 from 20 feet and in.

Dynamic Ballhandling with Tennis Ball (25)

Series of ballhandling moves incorporating a tennis ball to help improve eye hand coordination.

Finishing Moves (15)

Series of moves and finishes around th4e Introduce how to use the backboard, how to spin the ball off the glass, how to score on the opposite side of the rim, Euro Step, Yugo Step, etc.

Game Situation Ballhandling (20)

This class teaching ballhandling techniques to help alleviate pressure and reduce turnovers. Escape dribble vs traps, retreat dribble vs pressure, butt ball, dribble reversals, dribbling into a post feed, dribbling to making space, etc.

Guarding the Ball (12)

Every coach loves a great on ball defender. We will cover stance and space appropriate to skill level and athleticism, close out techniques, true definition of ball pressure, push foot concept, how to turn the ball, etc.

Playing out of Ball Screens (12)

We will explore The 3 S’s (Start point, Set up, Separation), how to read the 3rd defender, keeping eyes on the bottom of the net, playing behind you, multiple actions into PNR or out of PNR, decision making vs different defensive looks – hedge/over, hedge/under, down, blitz, push, etc.

Playing with your Back to the Basket (8) (12)

Want to be an effective scorer around the rim? This class will cover sealing/ foot fight/positioning, how to catch the ball, move/countermove, middle check, playing from short corners to elbows, etc.

Scoring Moves off the Catch and Pivot (12)

Triple threat, move vs counter move, inside pivot foot as primary movement, outside pivot foot, sweeps, rips (low and high), order of looks and moves, etc.

Shooting off the Dribble (15)

1 and 2 dribble pullups, floaters, use of the glass from all angles, step overs and step backs, economy of motion, how to score scoring off of limited movements and dribbles.

Shooting on the Move (12)

This classes is to improve your ability to shoot while moving and how to prepare to shoot when you don’t have the ball. We also will teach how to use both feet: Right-left, left-right and the hop. Finally we will cover the principals of movement off of dribble penetration, organizing your feet as you come off a variety of screens, shooting the ball in transition, etc.

Situational Passing (12)

This class focuses on the various passes you would use in game situations: Pocket passes, post feeds, skips, hook passes, baseball passes, look backs, chest pass, push pass, etc.

Using and Reading Screens (10)

This class will incorporate setting, receiving and reading screening actions. This will include pin downs, flares, Iverson cuts, pick the picker, flex screens, down screens, Princeton actions, screening angles, timing of cut, stopping your cut, reads off of curls/flares/fades/straight cuts/back cuts, etc.

Weak Hand Development (12)

Passing, dribbling and scoring exclusively with non-dominant hand.

Transition Basketball (12)

This is a full court class teaching transition concepts out of 2 on 1, 3 on 2, 5 on 4 and 5 on 5 settings. We cover advantage/disadvantage teaching, pitching the ball ahead, driving line vs passing line, spacing concepts, how to turn 5 on 4 into 5 on 3, etc.

1 on 1 Cut Throat (6)

Competitive 1 on 1 play played off different spots on the floor. Limited dribbles, primary move is always to shoot, counter move dependent on defender, which foot to attack, etc.

3 on 3 Cut Throat (12)

Competitive 3 on 3 class where players execute out of common basketball actions: pick and roll, screen away, flare screens, pin downs, cross screens, dribble hand off’s, hammers, etc.