Want to learn the perfect game shot?  Shoot 360 is the perfect place.  Our unique shooting cages are design to help improve your shooting arc, improve your shooting depth into the rim upon entry, increase your shot release speed, improve your accuracy and shooting percentage, and challenge your skills with a variety of gaming and competitive features.  Not only is our system designed to put you on the path to the perfect shot MUCH QUICKER, but you will learn how to replicate that shot in game situations.  Whether its coming of screens, attacking off the dribble or simply getting your feet set in an open gap and knocking down the three, the data and engaging programs we offer will get you there!

Below is a list of what we offer and how our technology works:

The Shooting Cage Experience:

What can you expect when you step into a Shoot 360 Shooting Cage?

  • Immediate auditory and visual feedback after every shot attempt.
  • Multiple repetitions from multiple spots on the floor.
  • Technology that factors together your shot angle, shot depth and field goal percentage.
  • Interactive and competitive gaming features (think of it like playing in your own video game).
  • Preset interactive workout sessions

What we track:

  • Every shot you take is measured for arc and depth. 
  • Each shot is calculated as a made or missed shot.
  • Your session will include an interactive shot chart showing your percentages from different spots on the floor, your average arc for your session, your field goal percentage for your session. 
  • Your workout sessions are emailed to you after completion and profile is updated after each session.
  • Your profile will include a historical perspective of all your workouts in the facility.
  • A leaderboard so you can see how you stack up as compared to similar members in your age group and gender.

Additional Information:

  • We provide each member with an evaluation of shooting form and technique from head to toe, as well as a plan to correct any technical deficiencies to assist in developing the perfect shot per your age, strength and body mechanics.
  • We offer personal training sessions (for an extra fee) that focuses specifically on your shot mechanics.