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*Program is intended for Grades 5-10


Next Level offers athletes a way to balance their mental and physical approach while also challenging them to be the highest level learner they can possibly be. In this program, we cover the following...


Players need to play more and find ways to apply the lessons they learn in training into real scrimmage scenarios. This class will provide players opportunities to explore screens, space and time in a real live competitive setting EVERY time they come in for their class. Through this competitive setting, players will be encouraged to learn from both mistakes and successes to capitalize and increase the rate of learning.


Don't just wait for your turn, always have your turn! One of the most unique things about Shoot 360 is we can offer high amounts of quality reps in a short amount of time. This quality will be put to full use as we take the concepts from the Footwork 101 Class and apply them to this new class. Every player will shoot between 250-300 shots while competing for technique and consistency. It's the best of both worlds...PRECISION AND ACCURACY along with FOOTWORK AND COMPETITION.


Basketball is a game of conditioning. This class will not only provide a path to a better physical condition but it will also teach players how to maintain that physical shape. The techniques used are very basketball specific and tailored to the skill. I.E. Defense, Offensive Cutting, Post Work, etc.


Want to dunk? Having trouble getting by your defender? Are you a lockdown defender? This class will be dedicated to two specific areas of athletic development: Vertical Leap and 1st Step Explosion. Get ready to sweat and target muscle groups you never knew were involved in basketball!


Basketball development is so much more than just physical development. Learn how to properly break down film...of yourself, your opponent, the NBA, the NCAA, etc... The class has been one of the most intriguing classes in our course listing. This session, Intro to Film Study will explore player game films and how to view one's self through a productive critical lens.


Get in shape, but do it within the scope of basketball. This class explores the principles of transition offense as well as transition defense. This session, we will measure the effectiveness of the transition principles through real measured analytics. So, come ready to run -- and get layup (or stop them from getting layups)!


"The off-season training that my players participate in is crucial for their development. For that reason, I always recommend the Shoot 360 Next Level Program. The Next Level program is the absolute best training program I have seen because the coaches understand how to teach players how the individual skill components fit and translate into the team setting. Nobody does that better than Next Level!"
Daven Harmeling Head Coach King's Way Christian School

"The Next Level program helped increase my son's basketball IQ on both offense and defense. The coaches have an incredible amount of knowledge and passion for the game and do a great job passing it along to the kids."
Greg Allen

"Next Level at Shoot 360 is the best program out there for the development of young talent. You simply can’t beat the level of coaching or the environment."
Kevin Bergstrom