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Shoot 360 Mission Statement & Core Values 

We’re committed first to making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of our customers, encouraging them to reach their potential in all areas of their lives. Captivated and inspired by our passion for the game of basketball, we continually create and develop the worlds most advanced and innovative basketball training resources and teaching methods to improve the game of basketball and develop great basketball players.

First ‘Who’ then ‘What’

We are more interested in the relationship than the tasks or business at hand.  This value extends to our members, guests, investors, vendors and our internal staff.  We believe that a major key to our success is building strong relationships with those who are aligned with our purpose.

Fanatical Attention to Detail

The fine details matter greatly to us.  A great example we look to is the late Walt Disney and what he did with the Disney company.  Everything from our sales, marketing, facility maintenance, training, customer service and all the rest is about the ‘Wow’ factor.

Culture of Innovation

Our future success greatly depends on our ability to innovate and continually reinvent ourselves.  We strive to bring the latest and greatest training, techniques and technology to help our customers reach their fullest potential.

Culture of Discipline

Not only do we coach this discipline to our customers who train in our facility, we are an organization made up of people who are self-disciplined in their work ethic, integrity, responsibility, striving for excellence, a healthy lifestyle and more.  This eliminates an overbearing need for bureaucracy as we conduct ourselves in a self-managed way.

Culture of Encouragement

Our goal is to make our customers walk out of our door three inches taller than when they walked in.  One positive word can make a huge impact on the lives of people – especially children.  This encouragement helps them know they are special and can achieve great things both on and off the basketball court.  This encouragement also extends to how we treat each other internally, and builds us into a team instead of tearing us down as individuals.