Frequently Asked Questions


The first rule of basketball… get the ball through the hoop.


This instantaneous auditory feedback allows shooters to make immediate correction to their shot and rapidly increase their learning curve. Our latest technology allows members to shoot mass repetitions, receive passes to different spots on the court, and speed up or delay the time in between each pass. We track the number of shots made, attempted, and percentage of a shooters session each day, week, month, year, and entire career at Shoot 360. 

The statistics provided with each shooting session, and the corrective instruction from our floor coaches with each visit, you now have a unique training experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 


In order to get your shot off, you have to create space between you and your defender. Having the ball be an extension of you, through ball handling, is the best way to achieve this goal.


Objective feedback from testing, provides a road map to your improvement as a ball handler. Our state of the art ball handling stations are equipped with an automated digital coach who will guide players through a series of workouts based on their skill level. Our goal is to have every player reach a point where the ball is simply an extension of themselves on the court.


Bigger, stronger, faster! These measurable are what makes the difference between you and the other guy.


Our basketball performance training system is designed to improve speed, power, agility and quickness. Vertimax training stations target developing basketball specific speed and explosive power. Take your game to the next level by improving your overall athleticism.


From shooting mechanics to game speed moves, our personal trainer help you get results.


Add 1 to 3 additional players to a training session for a small group training and receive the same detailed instruction with an additional competitive edge. Team clinics provide a unique training experience allowing your team to utilize our state of the art technology, automated ball handling stations, and Shoot 360 trainers for an hour long skill development session. Take your game to the next level with 30 minute Personal Training Sessions, now offered to both members and non-members.