Teach How to Train

Teach How to Train

Growing up, I never had a trainer. My work ethic was great, I just didn’t quite have the right direction when I was in the gym. I desperately wanted to be pushed, I simply did not know how to push myself. My workouts consisted of spot shooting and running. And, of course, plenty of free throws. It wasn’t until I finished my college career until I began to understand what a workout should look like.

One of our biggest goals at Shoot 360 is to teach players HOW to train. We want to equip you with the knowledge to come in the gym and productively train to achieve your goals even if you do not have a trainer with you. Here are 3 ways we are striving to do this.

Guided Workouts

For a few months, most of you have become familiar with our guided workouts. What originally began in the ball handling courts have now moved to the shooting courts as well as our Train 360 area. While these workouts have traditionally been pre-programmed, each member now has the ability to customize their personal workout  (LINK TO VIDEO) through the new player profile. Identify your weaknesses and create a workout to expand your skill set. Reflect on where you get your shots in a game, and build a session that gets you game ready. Get online and create a plan for your next session.

Convenient Evaluation

Out Shooting Evaluation used to require staff assistance. With our updated touch pads, you can now administer this yourself. (LINK TO HOW-TO VIDEO) The test will help you mentally lock in to your shooting session, forcing you to focus on your form. The mental side of training is often overlooked. Choosing to perform a test will you help you not only train your body, but also your mental toughness during the session.

Personal Training

What better way to learn how to train that to participate in a personal trainings session? Our trainers are highly-educated and have a passion to help players improve. This extends further than the 30-minutes on the court. We encourage all members to keep a training journal. Your trainer can help you keep track of your workout, but the accountability is on the player to reflect and set goals for the future.


Matt Espinoza, Skills Trainer/Player Development at Shoot 360

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