Why You Should Keep a Training Journal

Why You Should Keep a Training Journal

What gets measured, gets improved. Throughout the years, we have continued to create ways to use technology to measure your progress during training. Our coaching notes have also served as a way to provide feedback used for improvement. One thing that we feel has been missing is self-reflection on the player’s part during training.

Enter our new Shoot 360 Training Journals.

Our Training Journals will provide a way for players to collaborate with trainers in order to learn about what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Keeping track of training session, whether in Shoot 360 or on your own, will assist in your rate of improvement. While your trainer will give you guidance, the task of filling out your Training Journal will fall into your hands. We want the player to take responsibility and ownership for his/her training process.

The next time you come in to Shoot 360, be sure to discuss the importance of Training Journals with any of our certified trainers. Teaching players how to train continues to be one of our biggest goals. Taking the lead on tracking your workouts will help you reach your full potential.


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